Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Time Home Buyers - What a GREAT time to buy!!

Are you thinking about buying your first home? Has the recent recession reduced home prices to the point that you're considering diving into the world of home ownership?

Now is DEFINITELY the time to act.

Contact me right now to find out how I walk buyers through the entire process of buying their first home, from the very first private showing, all the way through to personal pizza delivery on moving day, I will be with you every step of the way.

Here are only some valuable areas I can provide assistance:

Introduce you to a mortgage specialist. A friendly person, who will meet you in your home on your own terms to discuss your plans, and get a pre-approval.

Arrange private showings on listings that we select together. Ride in my car, if you want. I keep it running well and its (normally) very clean!

Benefit from my knowledge of Woodstock. Where will my kids go to school? Where can I find the best ice cream in town? Who does the fastest oil changes?

Assist through the process of making an agreement to purchase. Negotiating a purchase price that works for your budget, drafting conditions to protect you and your future investment, advising on aligning dates that work for you.

Recommending professional tradespeople to perform any services that you might require. As a real estate agent, a homeowner, and an investment property owner, I meet and use lots of Home inspectors, mortgage specialists, insurance agents, movers, cleaning services, plumbers, electricians, property maintenance, etc.

Show you how you can maximize your purchase and get thousands of dollars in government rebates for home renovations, deduct thousands of dollars from your income taxes, pay no land transfer tax, cash in your RRSP's tax free towards your downpayment, and benefit from historically low interest rates.

Respond very quickly to any requests you make. By embracing technology, I am equipped to receive your email, text message, and voicemail requests instantly and endeavour to always respond as soon as possible. Even if it's as quick as "Hey Bill, I got your Message. I'm on the 14th hole. I will respond to it as soon as I return to the office!"

So with property prices down, and rent steady or increasing, why not take the plunge? I go above and beyond with every step. Take advantage of what I'm offering today!

Call me - 519-536-7535 ext 487

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