Friday, September 11, 2009

CRTC poised to fail taxpayers again

Check out Competitive Broadband

A CRTC ruling back in December 2008, stating that Bell and Telus do not have to share their high-speed internet infrastructure with smaller, independent, internet service providers, such as Execulink, is under protest by a consortium of smaller internet providers.

Canadians already pay some of the highest rates for internet access amongst modern nations. This consortium argues that this decision by the CRTC does nothing to protect the individual users, and only serves to re-monopolize the industry and protect Bell and Telus.

Form your own opinions, but keep in mind that for YEARS, taxpayer money subsidized the infrastructure that Bell and Telus built. They have gained a competitive edge at the hands of the taxpayer, and currently control 90% of the local market for business telecom. Keep the door open for competition!!

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