Monday, September 14, 2009

Its 2009, and our american friends still can't accept alternate theories on the origin of life...

This week, the Toronto International Film Festival was opened by the John Amiel drama "Creation" This is a biographical drama is receiving rave reviews, and centers around the struggle that young evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin had with his faith, as he began to write his monumental document "The Origin of Species."

This film has many deals in place to screen around the Globe, but many US distributors are reluctant to take it on.

Give me a bit of strength. Honestly. Here is a country that is responsible for some of the most gruesome, violent, and disturbing movies known to man. Movies themed around Rape, Abortion, Mass Murderers, Abductions, War, etc are all perfectly normal and acceptable to my American brothers, so why wouldn't such a fundamental curiosity like our very origins be open to some discussion?

It makes me embarrassed that we share so many values with Americans.

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