Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Kitchen Reno - Part 2.1: "Demolition! Day 1"

My lovely assistant (Thanks Mark!) begins the smashing time by assaulting the housing for the Oven. It came out remarkably easy, but (perhaps un-suprisingly) left some surprises!

The following two pictures are "what was left" after that oven cabinet was removed. Lovely panelling & painted panelling "backing" tacked to the wall, and a marble-looking vinyl tile flooring. If you look at the ceiling, you will see the first of a few problems that had to be addressed in the "rebuilding" stage. The ceiling under the oven was about about 1/8" higher than the surrounding ceiling, and still had the stipple finish. It turns out the flat part of our ceiling had been parged with plaster at some point in the past. Between 1/4 and 3/4" of it!!!

Time for a quick break once the appliances, oven cabinet, and countertop hadbeen removed. By the way, I don't advocate drinking while performing demolition. I am also poor at leading by example. Deal with it.

The view of the kitchen without any cabinets, and bulkheads are still in place. Nice, shiny orange paint has been revealed behind the old cabinets. Lovely!

One of my fears was how difficult it might have been to remove the bulkheads. It turns out my fears were completely un-necessary, as they basically fell off the ceiling once the cabinets had been removed. I don't have a picture of this, but a ceiling problem had been exposed (similar to above the oven cabinet). This differential was larger, more like 1/2" deep. A stippled ceiling was exposed at a different grade than the rest of the ceiling. More patchwork!

The view without any cabinets or bulkheads! Getting there!!!

I had hoped these "bricks" would be plastic or vinyl or something easier to remove, however they were actually painted clay bricks. As such I made the rounds with my mallet and small prybar and individually smashed each tile off. If you're planning to do this, wear eye protection! You can't see this, but I am wearing safety contact lenses. (Again, poor at leading by example!)

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