Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Kitchen Reno - Part 3 - "Electrical"

This is a new circuit, to be a single lamp above the new corner-sink. One of the benefits of doing a total reno is that you can do the electrical properly. We ran 3 more circuits to the kitchen, including one split-outlet, and proper GFI outlets where necessary. We also repositioned a couple light switches to fit under the new cabinetry, and added a proper phone jack to the "desk" area of the new kitchen.

The box that we cut out of this location was behind the old fridge. I'm no electrician, but I'm under the understanding that a fridge should be on its own circuit.... When we pulled the "fuse" for the fridge circuit, my beautiful wife informed us that we had cut the power to the entire upstairs as well (except the smallest bedroom). That means that we had been running the fridge, lights, exhaust fan, hair straightener, and hair dryer at the same time on a single 15 amp circuit. I don't know how we never blew that fuse!

Marley has been the biggest victim of this renovation. She gets shuffled to the basement, or the back yard, depending on the weather at the time! poooooor marley.

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